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In todays video, I gave myself a $5 budget to come up with an underwater camera.

Obviously for $5 im going to have to build some sort of housing for an existing camera. The smallest camera i had was my cell phone, so i concentrated on building something for $5 or less to temporarily water proof it.
Since now a days a cell phone is such a common item, and i was making this for underwater fish shots, i thought you guys might find it useful.

With that said… this didnt work out as planned…

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  1. hi Joey i used to have a vinyl tube connecting 2 aquarium and light brown stuff started to clog the tube. is there a minimum diameter of the tube to prevent it from clogging?

  2. Joey, That arowanna is absolutely gorgeous! Love the rays too. A ray tank is my dream mega tank.

    I've built a DIY underwater housing using acrylic for a point and shoot/cell phone. It worked well and was fairly inexpensive.
    For DSLRs you can use a water jug and cut a hole in the lid/bottom and place some acrylic over it. The jug will be very buoyant so you'd likely have to weigh it down. This really is too bulky for aquarium use but could work well in pond, lake, or ocean shots. Most people wouldn't want to use a DSLR in an aquarium anyway 😀

  3. I didn't realize how big your Aro was until this video.  The shot where you have the camera in the tank at the far end and the aro is down closest to the camera makes him look huge.  What are it's measurements? 


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