HOW TO: $5 DIY aquarium alarm TUTORIAL

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So in today’s video, I want to show you guys how to build a $5 water alarm.
Water changes sometimes take a long time to fill the aquarium back up and sometimes we leave the room for a moment. Sometimes we forget that we were doing a water change. I have done it myself and heard it many times of tanks being forgot about while filling them up.
Or if an aquarium springs a leak in the seam or plumbing, there is no way to know until we inspect the aquarium. By then, the damage is already done.
So this project will completely prevent these potential disasters by making sure you are well aware that water is where it shouldn’t be before it is too late.


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  1. This is good idea. But still needs you to shut the water off and if you wandered off while tank was filling, you still have a problem. But this did give me an idea you use toilet fill valve attached to my filling hose (diy python). You would have to figure out a way to have the valve stay in place. not a big deal. but this will shut off the water once tank is full.

  2. Guess what i just did brotha, forgot to pull out the return to the 240, and that sucker back siphoned all over my floor, I wish I would of watch this video first lol, sum days ill tell u man, been keeping fish for a while now this is not the first time this has happend! am going to try this as well. THANKS FOR THE GOOD IDEAS MAN!

  3. Great inexpensive idea! … Although, just for clarity, Water (H2O) does NOT conduct electricity. It is the minerals and other things IN the water that do. lol Just a little scientific FYI. 🙂 Keep it up! Good vids.

  4. hi joey,
    so i have watched your other videos and right not i have a cracked tank and i am taking it apart and realized the bottom panel is in the middle of all the sides meanin the sides are not on top of the bottom they are on the sides.
    befor i go and get my glass i was hoping you could help me because on videos you made tanks you started by putting the sides on the bottom, does this mean i will need a slightly bigger bottom glass? by the way it is a pretty old 20 gallon tall , the bottom glas is the type you see that makes a shower door blurry if you no what type im talking about… please Help

  5. I never comment on videos but this is deserving of praise. Well done!!! Ive done alot of your diy's which is where my 300 gallon tank came from 😉

  6. We have overflow issues at times with our aquaponics setup. I think this brilliant solution will probably work to detect overflow, using to very long, bare wires along the overflow path. Thanks again. This is so simple! Reuse, repurpose, recycle.

  7. Hi Joey i am sure your wife had fun with this project too……LOL.
    Nice project i am currently thinking about making flow sensors for my pumps, i should add this to it as well, just with my own buzzer.

    If you have not singed up to you should as its the only site you will need for any information on running your aquariums.



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