HOW TO: $2 DIY Aquarium oxygen TUTORIAL

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Fish gasping at the surface during a power outage? This is how you can make your own PURE oxygen and save their lives! uarujoey thekingofdiy

Make your own aquarium heater:

Build a protein skimmer:

Build a DIY aquarium top off:

All in one aquarium filter:

Water alarm:

DIY aquarium co2:


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  1. This absolutely worked!!!! I added new cichlids to my tank and I noticed some gasping and 1 staying at the top. Later other were going back and forth to the top as if the needed air. My water is at 82 degrees as I am treating all of my new fish for pick and other issues. I immediately did this when i say the video and Voila!!!!! Oxygen!!!! Thank you!!!!



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