HOW TO: $12 Aquarium Auto Top Off (ATO) Automation

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Automating your aquarium can be much more simple than you might think.

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An aquarium Auto Top Off (ATO) can be use to not only top your aquarium off of evaporated water, but also be used to turn on or off anything based on water levels! This video will show you how to build one for $12!

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  1. Hold up people a relay is NOT a protection device and is not designed for any electrical protection from high amperage and is not an overload do not listen to that advice it's dangerous and could get someone hurt or killed there are protection devices like overloads that can do this but a relay cannot I've seen relays switches fuse together and actually cause equipment continuosly running when it should not this is coming from a fridge mechanic to that deals with these control circuits on a daily base if you want to do this properly research a proper control circuit with safeties in place

  2. So this will essentially work if a tank cracks say middle of the night & it doesn’t make much noise when doing so, at least not enough to wake you in time to save all ur fish?

  3. I have a similar project, but I will put two sensors in the water and I will use a 12 watt motor with a battery, it seems simple and safe

    (I used Google translate)

  4. I expecting to see something about auto too off for keeping your aquarium full. This was good information in the video but there was virtually nothing about ripping off your aquarium which is the only thing I have ever heard off when referring to an auto top off

  5. I tried this and my fish tank burned down. I am talking to my fish lawyer and I am suing you and all of your fish. I am willing to accept a settlement of exactly 50 pounds of freeze-dried bloodworms.

  6. Really cool idea but a few problems. Number one is there is no live wire on AC current so u can use either wire it wont matter as ac current alternates between positive and negative 60 times a second on both wires. Number 2 never use crimp caps for 110v they are rated for 12v and no approved for use in the home. Also using a 12v relay means there is a possibility that 110v can jump the gap and make a connection between the magnet. The only reason voltage is rated is the ability to just different size gaps same reason 12v fuses have a much more narrow gap than 110v.



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