HOW TO: $10 DIY aquarium overflow – UPGRADED and MODIFIED TUTORIAL

How to build a DIY PVC aquarium overflow, modified and upgraded.

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Have an issue? cant get it to work? HERE IS THE FIX: I have been answering questions on this project for years now.. and no longer will. Its the same answer again and again… the #1 answer that solves 99% of all issues is this: PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO. 99% simply do not follow the instructions or build it the same way, yet expect it to still work. The other 1% have an air leak somewhere. Find it. Seal it. Sorry, but i simply do not have the time to keep answering the same questions, when they all result with this same solution. IF YOU MUST get help, POST A PHOTO to my fan page so i can at least SEE what the problem is. I will not be able to help otherwise.

Original video ►
How it all works ►
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  1. I made this, but it still smells of the purple PVC cleaner I used before putting the rubber cement on the joints. I let it soak for days but it still smells. Any advice? I don't want to use this in my tank if it will poison my salt and fresh water fish.

  2. Absolutly perfect! But one little thing… When the bigger pipe is leaking – bottom plug, drilled hole – as You drilled, and the pump is off for a long time, the wather from tank will drop, to the bottom…

  3. That is F'n amazing and I have a Tom's aqua lifter handy. Just got a smoke'n deal on a 60 gal tank but it's tempered,,,,, you just made my day and earned a sub thanks man.

  4. I made an excellent overflow by putting a bulkhead in an old hanging filter. It has it's own suction with weir and you can use the pump to get flow started. Works perfectly and if you lose power siphon automatically breaks so no overfill.

  5. hey brother, good video, I'm a beginner in this and I have a question that I hope you can evacuate me, when the power goes out, where should the stopcock or T go so that the siphon effect is not lost what height in cases of freshwater aquarium … I have been told that the typical overflow is for marine … is this true?

  6. Both videos are great. For the modified version, do you still put a cap on the tall tube now that you're not placing an airline up there? Also, are you placing the outbound hose of the Tom's Aqualifter in the tank itself or that tall tube? Didn't see answers to either question in any video.

  7. Any opinions on doing this that connects 12 guppy breeding tanks? All will have overflows that connects to big pvc going down to the sump, and a pump split that returns to every tank.

  8. Hey Joey im a little late in the comments haha, but i built this overflow and im having issues with it turning into a siphon as i turn the flow rate of my pump up. The overflow still is capable of handling all the water being siphoned out, but it makes the water level in my tank go up and down… do i need to make the teeth on the weir with bigger openings? Or is it just not possible to run more flow through it without turning into a siphon?

  9. hi there, i love all of your video and i build my own xl canister and its working great for 2 years. Now i want a sump and i try this overflow, its working good but its so noisy did you have i tips for this ?



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