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  1. Joey, ur videos r awesome. I'm gonna use a lot of ur ideas to start up my own gallery. Not as big as yours but hey ya gotta start somewhere haha. Keep it up man.

  2. Doesn't he ever feel like entering this tank with a snorkel and just sit there for a while. Obviously during the water changes when enough water's out to compensate for his volume. I'd totally do that if this tank were mine! :p

  3. hey joey i know this is totally off topic but i am not sure where else to post this, but i have an option to get a large tub that had a concrete additive called v-mar in it, would this at all be safe to use for fish if the container is a plastic container , would it have absorbed anything harmful? if anyone knows that would be awesome

  4. Hello everyone,
    Eventhough these type of comments are not usually apreciated,
    I would like you to spend 2 minutes clicking on my latest video,
    a fully restoration of an old and dirty aquarium. Thanks for the time!!
    Hope you enjoy my work!

  5. Hey I live in Sackville NS I was wondering what is some awesome stores for fish I’m starting to get into this hobby and want quality, please help me out if you can

  6. Is there a way I can dm you to ask some advice questions? I just started my first aquarium and we don’t have any “specialty” fish stores around here, just PetSmart & PetCo. I’d rather not ask their advice as I don’t feel they are very educated in certain things.

  7. Hi Joey, i’ve been wondering if you ever made a video talking about “Detritus worms” in aquarium. It came in to my mind cos few days ago i saw some worms wiggling in the water when i did some rescaping. It would be so helpful if u maybe share your insight or experience with these worms in aquarium. Keep up the good work! 👍👍

  8. Hey Joey! Pool guy from the states here. I noticed that you changed your filters multiport from filter to backwash while the pump was running (you may have shut It off first, but in the video it appeared that you changed it with the pump on). If so, I just wanted to let you know that doing this will SEVERELY shorten the life of the gasket and multiport, and is also not good for the pump. Just some advice from a guy who deals with these filters daily on pools and spas!


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