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  1. Nice setup. I'm new to this and was wondering why do you have the canister filters when the sump has the Pollyfilter on the bio balls? I was trying to design my own setup and learn as much as I can beforehand . I know that mechanical filtration needs to be replaced and was thinking to build it into a sump for ease of changing. Good idea or bad? Please elaborate

  2. Your videos"back then" are so different from your videos today! Big difference! Love your videos. I have an Axolotl and am looking into some larger fish. Thanks Joey for all you do! Happy Thanksgiving! 2017.

  3. what happens to the waste once it gets accumulated in the filter sponges and other media over time? does it break down and create nitrates in the tank like the canister filter? how often we should clean it out? is the cleaning easy?



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