HOW IT WORKS: DIY wet/dry filter – trickle tower aquarium filtration

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This is a wet/dry filter i have made… 50 gallon sump, 20 gallon tower.. Made from Acrylic

see here to see how i built this filter:


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  1. Not what I was looking for but glad I’d seen it. Is there anything you can’t do in this hobby? Good 10 years ago and a god now. I feel like I just watched a time Capsule.

  2. I can hear the pain in your voice from the heartbreaking story you told some weeks ago about your life. Amasing how life works and where you are now!

  3. im looking to build a new sup for a 266g and i like ur set up. how do you get to the bioballs if need be if you seal the drip plate in place to prevent leaking around the plate?

  4. what kind or strength water pump would you recommend, for a tank I am planing out that is going to be between 180-250 gallons with a 12-16 gallon tower of bio balls and a sum that I am unsure of yet, PLEASE HELP ME!!! this is like my last missing component to my projects blue prints before I start putting everything together   

  5. Gosh, you're awesome, guy. I wish I was that handy. Do you make custom or hire your services out? Does your book talk about smaller tanks, less than 50g? I am no longer a novice but still a bit uncomfortable going to a really large tank with larger/more fish. I have a 37g, with the standard power/carbon filter. It's all working at optimal levels but I wanna become more versed in aquariums and filtration systems. 

  6. I need your … I know quiet a bit about fish and I have two oscars and two small plecos in a 30 gallon tank (I know I need a bigger tank I'm getting one soon) but for now I just cleaned my tank and haven't put all the rocks and everything in my fish seem more active but one of my oscars seem more aggressive towards the bigger pleco (I haven't had a problem before and it's not like a biting aggressive but a more like pushy type of aggression)



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