HOW IT WORKS: DIY Aquarium Overflow PVC

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Video showing how a pvc overflow works. Also shows cost and gph of each size of PVC. This is a great alternative to drilling your tank, or paying for an expensive hang on the back overflow.

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Have an issue? cant get it to work? HERE IS THE FIX: I have been answering questions on this project for years now.. and no longer will. Its the same answer again and again… the #1 answer that solves 99% of all issues is this: PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO. 99% simply do not follow the instructions or build it the same way, yet expect it to still work. The other 1% have an air leak somewhere. Find it. Seal it. Sorry, but i simply do not have the time to keep answering the same questions, when they all result with this same solution. IF YOU MUST get help, POST A PHOTO to my fan page so i can at least SEE what the problem is. I will not be able to help otherwise.

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  1. I get 10 feet of 3/4” PVC for $4.28. It’s $2.14 for a 5 foot stick. 1/2” is a little less and anything bigger is a little more with increased size.

  2. I have followed your diy overflow video and have built the very same design but the problem I have is that when I shut off my return pump and the water level in the tank drops below the top of the drain pipe it wont self start when I switch the pump back on and have to self prime it every time could you please pint me in the right direction on where im going wrong

  3. Hi, am a little confused, is this imperial or US liquid gallons? How much in Litres… Lets say i have a 5000L/hour return pump….what kind of diameter am i looking at? 2" or 1.5'?

  4. Thanks this is great information and a pretty simple solution. Which kind of PVC glue can be used to join the different pipe sections? I am concerned about pvc glue being toxic to fish

  5. Why is the outpipe so low? Doesn't it risk of sucking air bubbles inside the system by stopping and resetting? Because the water level in the system sinks down to the level of the output an this is just above the bow inside the tank.

  6. Hey Joey I got the black pain in a can its kRylon fusion all- in – one paint+primer color is matte black is saying it can be used for plastic will this be safe for my reef fish??? Can you please get back to me asap thanks tom Mack

  7. King of DIY ….. okay…. your details are weak, terrible explanation. I can understand why you got so many why’s. From watching this I believe you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.



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