How I moved my MONSTER AQUARIUM – The king of DIY

How I moved my MONSTER AQUARIUM - The king of DIY

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  1. Moving large fishtanks could be the worst thing a human can go through. And thats not hyperbole. Your mate must be an exceptional bloke for agreeing to help.

  2. Unrelated question but we are setting up twin 125s with a water bridge and can't seem to find a reasonably priced place that doesn't have astronomical shipping to canada for backgrounds. Any help would be super appreciated!!

  3. Hi joey I can't tell you how long I have been hoping you would change your mind about having salt water fish and giving to a go ever since you had the snow flake clowns I don't know if you still have them or not then I got a bit more excited when you had the eel and puffer and then nothing so when your friend gave you the cylinder tank I was happy now you are going big two tanks wow good luck with that I'm so happy since I have a salt water aquarium myself I will be watching as always in what ever you do your the best kind regards dawn sorry about how long this is but I had to let you know

  4. That tank is not 500-600 lbs. You are moving it way to easily. You aren't even straining. We moved a friend's glass 210 gallon and I literally thought were would die.

  5. Joey, why you don’t use Glass suckers for your heavy Aquariums. It would make your Day so much easier. Love you work, love your passion. Go ahead man. This Room Must be amazing after yoúre finish. God bless you and greetings from Germany . Cheers Mark

  6. So I looked closer at your tank stands. You changed the framing structure to a t style from you Joey Stand that people called it in the Facebook group. Not a bad design as well, but I’d suggest at least a cross support front to back. With a removable front cross support.

  7. Just get a Laguna Rectangular Tub. They sell them in small gallons to big gallons. Much width and length. Better for long fish that need space. 😎😤 Also less stress, because more sturdy than glass.

  8. "that is shalty" joey if you dont catch phrase that one and MAKE IT A SHIRT, i am going to… i see myself in Gary in this video… id also love a % for pointing that one out, boom!… lol.

  9. I would make a comment about my thoughts but I check this channel every day. You create content I find interesting despite the fact I will never fully comprehend but I want to so I’ll check tomorrow

  10. Oh man i would LOVE to have a friend like Gary, staying up till 5am moving tanks around and getting little bit drunk talking funny stuff while at the same time helping you! Cheers for Gary!


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