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  1. I think it looks super awesome! I really enjoy the natural look!!I ts a little dark (which is cool) but maybe a few plants could make it look a bit brighter? I think a few slow growing broader leafed plants like anubias, java fern, crypts and amazon swords would look great! (especially in contrast to the elodea in the tank next door!!)

    Fish wise, some dwarf cichlids like rams or apistogrammas would be cool too! and you could probs still do a nice school of some sort of tetra or something to occupy the top levels otherwise gouramies!!! Ive got a few sparkling gouramies which are super cute and they make 'croaking noises' however they are quite small. so if you wanted larger ones there are the croaking, however they arent as flashy. other cool ones could lace gouramies and again some tetras/ bottom feeders, maybe kuhlis or corydoras

  2. i like the tank a lot the back drop is great with the dark bed personally i wouldn’t change any of it as it does have a good natural look to it all i would stock with Cichlids which happen to be my favorite fish to raise i like a wide mixture of them my last tank was a 250 gallon Acrylic made from 2 6 footers connected at a right angle with a 90 degree swim tube i custom made

  3. That aquarium looks really good. Joey… few more leaves – don't boil them just throw them in, the leaching chems from the leaves (as you know) is good for your fish.


Fish Update..April 2016

Fish Update..April 2016

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[EPISODE 3] Rare footage of Female Mud Crab Spawning Eggs in the Aquarium