How I made $20,000 in 1 month from breeding aquarium Discus fish

How I made $20,000 in 1 month. What you need to know if you want to do it…. and WHY I DONT WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!

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  1. The thing is, after all this, you still have your tanks and equipment left, so they don't really 100% count as cost. You can reuse them or sell them. And it doesn't even take account of the learning process.

  2. Hey Joey, thanks for all the information. I’ve had a 250gal discus tank years ago and would love to get back into it again for my newly built home. I’m interested in a 1000-2000gal high acrylic tank. Do you have a recommendation for the best place to buy sheets? Thanks Ken

  3. What are those 2 websites you said. Craigslist and Kijiji? ( where did you get your Disqus from you was your supplier? They were absolutely gorgeous!) ( what were the strands of breeds of discus you had?)

  4. Thanks bro i have a 20k restitution fee i have to pay off ..its not a coincidence that i got led to this hobby ..god is good keep up the awsome work and amazing vids 💯💯

  5. You have a big hart for fish keeping that I can hear in your video’s. And it’s like you said if you’re a hobbyist the fun is melting away if you’re trying to make a living of it because then it gets stressful.

  6. Thank you for sharing this story and outlining the true cost of breeding aquarium fish. Fish farming does have the advantage of going geometrically bigger. If you have experience with giant tanks you can really blow up those numbers!

  7. i am breeding african cichlids and gyppies at the moment! i am not sure where i will sell them but i absolutely love doing it! aquarium hobby is a part of my life now! your videos inspires me a lots! thankyou

  8. You should license the fish with an upfront fee. The "buyer" can do with the fish he wishes (as has happened), but you continue receiving a percentage of the revenue the buyer generates with the fish ;-).
    Anyway, great story.

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience breeding. The part that I really hated to hear was that "friends" took advantage of you. Total BS on their part

  10. Hey Joey not even sure you will see this but gotta say thank you for all your videos you have been a huge help and inspiration ive always loved fish and until I started watching your videos had no clue it was a hobbie needless to say I hope to not only enjoy my hobbie but turn it a job long story short have had a crazy life which had makes working the "traditional" way difficult so i would like to ask you for help any tips, tricks advice you have would truly appreciate it could use a fellow hobbiest and Canadian help on this topic

  11. I need my fish with immense dedication and invested a lot of time on them but the stores I sold them to kept them in tiny cups!!! I regret selling them to this day, eating them up was better. I'll stick to that for now!!!!



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