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  1. I use my echo I just say "echo turn on my fish tank lights" lol on all 6 of my tanks!!! But I can definitely relate when you figure something out in that "ah ha" moment

  2. Just got a 4 foot LED shop light at Harbor freight today for $19 USD with a coupon limit of 3 . It's a Braun but there's absolutely no information on the Kelvin rating at all .It only states what voltage,watts and lumens are which is 5k @ 60 watts and extremely bright .The construction build is excellent and it barely gets warm making it perfect for installation in a canopy .

    I've been trying to get some specs on the light but haven't been able to find anything so far and not even on their website . It appears to be more in the blue end of the spectrum but as to what amount I have no idea . I'm going to try this for awhile and see what happens with the plants in my tank which are light loving types. Glad to be getting rid of the old florescent lights because they're dangerous and you constantly have to replace the tubes which gets spendy after awhile plus having to deal with tossing them in the recycling center bins. I'm glad that LED technology came along .

  3. Joey,
    You should look into Samsung Smartthings. Not only can you have the capability of wirelessly controlling your lights, but you can also set schedules for your lights, and even power heads. They even have water sensors to alert you to any leaks. Possibilities are nearly endless.

  4. Brother.. u say these are $200 each like its playdoh.. in australia ur look at around $350-$400 each i would love to have these but over here lights like this make them towards the high end tanks and even the cheap ones you are mentioning, you can about double the price for australians.

  5. Great video, I need to get a better lightning myself. Somehow my lights doesn't reach bottom, is that a problem? I don't keep them on too much but when I do I want to be able to see everything…. ALSO: in a 42 gallon tank, how many guppies do you think is too much?

  6. Do you have a link for the LED shop lights you have on all the tanks in this video? I know I'm really late to seeing this video so I totally understand if you don't.

  7. At those prices you could have two sets of lights, each with different temperatures so you can have both on, one on for ambient, or one on for evening light.

  8. It's nice to know your not mad for having three tanks, I was keep getting told I was suffering from MTS but now I know I'm not.

    MTS = Multiple Tank Syndrome


  9. Can’t thank you enough Joey slowly working on my fish wall not a hole room unfortunately seems you show up with a video when I am struggling with an idea LIGHTS thanks for all you do

  10. Joey, if I may call you that? You are an inspirational person. Not just how you turned your life around, but the massive knowledge base that you share! Kudos. You are my fish guru. I turn yo your videos to learn everything. Can’t say enough how much I enjoy them, and of course, learn from them.




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