How I clean my 2,000G AQUARIUM

Cleaning my 2,000 gallon fish tank in my aquarium gallery!
Check out the makeover i did to my 375 gallon:

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  1. Odd question what size feces do the fish in this tank produce? I am looking for filtration for my 55-gallon tank in my green iguana enclosure. On average she produces fecal matter 3 – 4 cm long by maybe 1 – 2 cm wide. Is this tank handling comparable large waste? Since I have no fish keeping experience I am trying to get an idea what I can take from your hobby. I have not found any information on filtration for reptiles but these guys like clean areas so they often use their water features as the bathroom.

  2. I'm throwing this out there. I build pools for a living and future reference turn off your pumps before you turn that multi port valve on the sand filter the internals are fragile and it doesn't take much for it break same thing can happen if you turn it both clock wise and counter clock wise stick too one direction. Best case you will have a small leak around the fiittings worst case it will continue to send water out of the backwash line your aquarium will constantly be losing water and your yard will become a marsh or an ice rink depending on the season. All that aside if you take care of it that filter should be good for about 10 to 15 years before you have to change out the sand.

  3. I don't know if it matter to you, but you could get a better flow in your sump if you attach the filter media you mature for other aquariums up near the top and middle of the sump tank, you can just use a simple hook and string to keep it there it probably doesn't matter for your 2000G tank, but the filter media you mature will have a significantly better flow through it, and it will be ready for another aquarium faster.

  4. This was an awesome video. I was wondering how you cleaned and did water changes on this huge tank.
    My cousin has a large tank built into a wall at his office. He use to let the water run out into the ground. Then he built a large decretive gold fish pond and let the water flow into that .
    Your gallery looks awesome!

  5. What's the difference between your system and the zoo aquariums? Most zoo aquariums have at least a few more inches of sand so the Sting Rays don't do that. I'm just curious.




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