Hand feeding VENOMOUS fish

How i got my lion fish off live foods and hand feeding within 3 weeks of being in this aquarium.

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  1. Disliked. And not watching any more content from you. Denying predators to predator is cruel. And defeats the entire purpose of predator fish. Might as well feed a dog plants.

  2. People who get satisfaction out of watching something die is pretty sad, however feeding these fish prepared foods is unnatural. Like vegetarians and vegans. Unnatural and unhealthy. Raise your own feeder fish. I've seen the video on why you haven't just as i've seen the video "Bacon in Reverse" and it doesn't make what you're doing any more natural.

  3. Hey king of DIY I want to say is that I have a couple cichlids. Well I want to say I know that feeder fish can introduce parasites and such so I normally don’t feed feeder fish but the fish love the live fish but I only use it to kind of supplement their diet.

  4. Hi King Of DIY , if i got stung by lionfish, what do I need to do ? Will I die ? Need to go to the hospital to seek treatment immediately ? . Have you got stung before and what did u do ? Mind sharing ur experience ?

  5. Mollies are sweet/brackish waters fish. They have a DIFFERENT and BAD kind of body fat to marine fish!! If you have to feed live fish to lionfishes or just any kind of MARINE fish, you have to do it with small MARINE fish as well.

    Of course, Mollies can be given for a MINIMUM period of time, otherwise the marine fish are going to get liver problems and, in several cases, die in a medium period of time.

    Use Mollies just for a while to get your lionfish to frozen food.

    Here´s a good tip: don´t use a pinch to hold frozen foods, use a fishing line, as thin as possible. The movement with the fishing line are much much natural in the water.

  6. I feed my dwarf puffers mealworms and my axolotl Red crawlers. Both are too picky to eat anything else sooooo wahhh…. still appreciate your content joey and you will always get a thumbs up opinions will vary and that’s cool as long as we can agree on the hobby I think we will get through this lol much love!!

  7. I used to feed my little fuman chu lion fish with my finger, he would come up the side of the glass and just vacuum it up. Always loved lion fish, so much personality.


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