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  1. Hi I have had a fish tank for a few month now and I am hoping to make a bigger one so that I can have some bigger fish.

    I was wondering what thickness of acrylic I should uses for a 225 liter tank?

  2. You are a great teacher! Awesome information. I love DIY because I just cannot afford to purchase things that I can make myself. I also want to stop purchasing items that are made over seas. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I am a new fish keeper. I find your information very useful. Please include tips and tricks for beginners too! Thanks! Happy 2016!

  3. hey I have a question I am redoing my 65 gallon tank with pool filter sand and some driftwood and rocks and fake plants but for some reason the backgrounds always look good until I put them on the back of the tank I saw a tank a long time ago that had a foam wall on the back of the inside of the tank that look like a wall of rocks how can I make this or can I buy it somewhere for cheap cause money is really tight right now and also what is a good cheap powerhead to get deasent water flow cause I hate in bubble wands I also use a canister filter so that gives me some water flow the tank is 65 gallons and isn't long it is a tall tank so don't wanna go with a really strong powerhead were the angel fish and all will be pushed around

  4. the videos are hugely rounded around the DIY sumps and canister filters. You should have a booth showing examples of these in use and on display to take apart and look at.

  5. Joey. I have already purchased your book, no autograph 🙁
    Is it possible to mail it to the PO Box with money for return postage for you to sign and send back ?
    If this is not possible I will understand.

  6. New Subscriber 😄 ! hope to help you reach your goal I've been watching your videos and they are great ! I'm fairly new to the hobby and your videos are very helpful.

  7. Assuming all great conditions, etc. Can I ask why does a platy develop a hump in the top of their body? Is this indicative of old age? He's still active and eats well. Thanks, Bob.

  8. dude get into planted hobby… be an ameture… learn along with us… it will be help lot of fun … even the failures… seriously the planted aquarium… needs diy tips

  9. hey joey! could you please help us out with how to care for freshwater stingrays in you later videos. you have really beautiful ones yourself. keep up the great work!

  10. One on one Skype? That would be like winning the lottery to get picked! I would pay good money to have you answer questions…. Yes, a Q and A please! I've sent you plenty of them through your app.



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