Glass VS Acrylic aquariums

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Glass VS Acrylic aquariums (DIY Pro TIPS & TRICKS)


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  1. I like acrylic because it's lighter & lasts longer. Thanks for this video. Now I know for sure I have to redo the silicone on my 10 gallon aquarium as I have no idea of its true age as it was given to me by my dad who got it from his sister (my Aunt). I have had it for almost 10 yrs & the last thing I used it for was my purple pincer hermit crabs who now have a brand new 20 gallon long for just the 4 of them.

  2. I’m new to acrylic tanks. Do you use foam under the acrylic tanks I heard that it puts excess pressure on the bottom seams not to do it. I asked clear for life and they said it don’t need it but is ok to use. Lol very vage response. This is my first acrylic tank don’t want 75g on my floor.

  3. what you have left out is that acrylic has a life spane and will deterioraet and it become brittle over time when glass duse not. You have all so left out that the acrylic as it deteriorates the clarity will drop significantly and glass duse not. The other very important point you have mist is the fact that acrylic can warp over time and it will happen fast in hotter climates and glass duse not.

  4. Bro I love your channel I'm also a fish lover I have a small concern acrylic costs lot in India glass is way cheaper than acrylic can you suggest anything about it

  5. I thought I’ve seen everything of yours. Then this pops up in my feed. I will note acrylic can be guaranteed straight and clean. While glass tanks vary a bit and when leveling this is very obvious.

  6. What would you recommend for a 1,000 gal aquarium (1,077 gal specifically)? It’d measure 8ft x 6ft x 3ft. Can you still use a silicone caulk for an aquarium that size, and made with acrylic? Or do you bind it some other way?

    Edit: 3ft is the height.

  7. It's just easier to pick up some used glass 10 gallons for me 😛 But I did start watching your video because I have a 7.5g bowfront acrylic long tank I LOVE for my betta (and he loves it too). but it is so foggy/scratched it's nearly impossible to see him through it in some places. I didn't even know it was possible to refinish it until I was looking up how to re-seal a glass aquarium I picked up to move him to. So the plan now is to move him…and then refinish the old one and if it turned out right, to move him back.

  8. Since I scrathed my acrylic aquarium just on the 10th day of use I wouldnt go for that material again . The glass is the material I like for aquariums !!!!!!

  9. Hello. Thank very much for this wonderful information. After watching this video I’m encouraged to build the aquarium by using acrylic. Actually I could find only 10mm thickness of clear acrylic in my place is this enough to tank of 2m x .6m height x .22 m thickness ? And one more thing I couldn’t find acrylic cement can you delivered to my country with anti-scratch material? Thanks



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