FRESHWATER STINGRAY facility – How it works

The INSANE stingray aquarium tour:


Freshwater stingray aquarium breeding and research facility tour on how it all works.

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  1. Great video, I was waiting for the question of- has there ever been a sickness outbreak in any of the tanks and how did he cure the sickness that came over the stingy rays. This was a highly informative video. It confirms I’ll never have a stingy ray🤣

  2. The filters he showed at the beginning, the above tank sump. Am I missing something or is there no pre filter. It looks like it is pumped up by a power head to a reservoir then it passes into a section that has biological media and a heater then it flows into another chamber and back into the tank. Where is the filter floss or a sponge?

  3. Hey joey I want to tile my aquarium and I was just wondering what tile I can safely use? I believe you said ceramic In the video but I was wondering if there are any other things I have to watch for can anyone else help me with this?

  4. Hey Joey. I recently got into the hobby and wanting to do a rescape for my tank. I have pebbles in now but want to switch to sand. Which is the better of the two for an oscar, cichlid, catfish tank?

  5. Hi Joey

    My name is alexandro I live in Miami Florida I started to love rays after I saw your rays. I want to get one but I have a 55 gallons tank would it be reasonable to get one ?

  6. Hey Joey,

    How does he treat the huge volumes of water coming in for chlorine from both drip feeding or from his reserve tank?

    P.s i just completed my first large tank stand from your design and helpful videos so thanks so much! I just picked up the materials today for your wet/dry filter tower so excited to start that too!

  7. Hey Joey, i gotta big question here. Can you make a "how to take care of stingrays for dummies" videos? You know how to tank space, feed, preferred filtration, temp, ect ect. It'd be a big help! I wanna buy some.



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