FISH WENT MISSING (Not what you think…)

FISH WENT MISSING (Not what you think...)

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  1. What is the best way to clean plants that are plastic and wood to use Clorox or heard your peroxide and how long do you soak that stuff for before you can clean the stuff off the plants in the wood before you put it back into the aquarium so they don’t kill the fish? Thank you

  2. Dude weren't you gonna get help for the rest of these. I know you said you work random hours and it can't be scheduled but I'm sure I'm not the only one worried about you dude. Health my man.

  3. Hey joey you are a true inspiration I had a 125 gallon freshwater tank with oscars various types as well as silver Arowanas I upgraded to a 300 gallon tank I sold everything do to events in my life I now watching your videos has lit 🔥 a fire in me and I’m quickly getting back into it I’m doing all baby or fry predators and going to enjoy watching them grow and will eventually will be purchasing a 500 gallon tank thank you for your passion and commitment to the hobby and thank you for being you an amazing dedicated person who is honest and a true inspiration to all of us who watch and enjoy your videos tank on my brotha👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻and thank you for reignited my flame for this hobby

  4. looking so good man !!! now when you said you need shims to level out your tank elaborate a little for me, i built the same stand exactly via your video 🙂 but well my floor is not level at all i didn't account for that at all so my tank water is quite un¬level its not off by alot but if i put some sort of spacer/ shim under one side of the stand will this affect the strength or stability of the stand ? or shall i just leave it be?

  5. Hi Joe, I got an idea, once all is done there will be empty space above the tanks on the walls. It would look great if you filled that space with some artwork, some from your viewers and some from wherever. Just a thought

  6. Why no yoga mat on the one? Might be cool to leave the fronts open so you can show off the filtration… Out of sight; out of mind. Not good for an educational channel.

    Still think you should do an L-shaped corner stand and tank…. Maybe two.

  7. Why bother moving stuff around you'll just change it again in a week or so. I think you are OCD , I love your channel but you are incapable of allowing a tank to mature lol

  8. I've just seen you Joey in my hometown fueling your nice car at shell in Miramichi 😀 I didn't want to bother you but just want to let you know that I'm a big fan and been following you for years and I hope you put that car in the Moncton car show 😉 I don't want to describe the make and model for you privacy but WOW nice car 😀


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