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  1. How can I contact you to get help to build a tank? I don't have the tools or money to get the dimentions I need. And people want to charge me $3000 for a small 20.5 tank :/

  2. Just a quick tip for the Goldfish tank regarding the plastic plants. You can replace them with Echinodorus Bleheri. They are pretty low maintenance and would really POP in that tank. Putting one Osmocote root tab at their roots would be sufficent and they can do really well under low light.

  3. hey man I was thinking of a fish that might go with your arowana. it is called a red tail catfish. It mainly minds its own business and is only harmful to fish that can fit in it's mouth. I recommend this fish to large tanks, because this kind of catfish grows to
    3-5 five feet in length and weighs a whopping 56 kilograms(123 pounds) in around 10 years.

  4. Can't wait to see that 100 gallon as a planted tank! I think your DIY canister filter and inline heater designs would be perfect for it. If you go with the high light pressurized CO2 route It will be interesting to see what you come up with for your lighting fixture(s) and CO2 Injection method.

  5. Hey Joey sorry to hear about your wife needing surgery. I think a great upcoming theme would be making automatic components like lights and fish feeders and lowering tank maintenance.

  6. Wow! i will be there for sure on Saturday Nov 5 at Aquatic Experience. i follow you since the very first 3d background video.
    if you need any help in Chicago let me know.

  7. Someday I'll be able to make builds like these. Thanks for sharing your process! This really makes me look forward to what I'll be able to do in the future. Thanks for the ideas and inspirations!

  8. Your misses is the most important part of your life. Anyone that is going to be inconsiderate and push you for information during that time… well. I wont go there. Plus. Over and above everything. Your misses puts up with your hobby. LOL. Best of luck and you both will be in our thoughts.

  9. hye, do you do tanning process on your arowana? im form asian, some people here do the tanning process to make the color of arowana more beautiful. if yes, can you show some DIY tanning light.



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