FISH STORE SHOPPING and feeding all the fish

FISH STORE SHOPPING and feeding all the fish

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  1. for the canister being mostly sponge . Just take out a couple sponges and fill that basket with ur cycled media. that way there’ll be more biological bacteria ^_^ i did that for my 200L goldfish tankXD I actually only kept two racks sponges at the bottom and biological media in the rest. i love what you did with ur tanks. theyre so beautiful and i love ur enthusiasm and care for ur fish💕

  2. I've got this FX6 filter for a 30 gal tank with a tortoise in it. Seems huge for a 30 gal tank, but just what i needed, my tortoise is a pain in the a** when it comes to filter her tank. But now with the good combination of media filtration, the FX6 is perfect

  3. I like unboxing videos. It’s cool to see what you pick up.
    And I like the lighting you changed. It looks like a beam of sunlight and gives it a natural look

  4. I love the videos lots of energy and knowledge. I am more inspired for sure. I wonder about feeding my fish shrimp? they are very small fish and 2 crayfish but they don't like the pellets at all. I feel like I am starving them. they don't like flake food either. I do feed the crayfish blood worms and nightcrawlers occasionally. But I vacuum out more than I need to from the tank. Something is off. Also can you overchem the tank when doing a water change????

  5. Mate just on the theme of diy…nice dirty solution for filtration for us to perhaps watch you piece together, would be to run the tank drain hose/pipe immersed under the waterline in the sump, use egg crate dividers in the sump, or staggered in height Perspex dividers with either sponge filteration, or of course the polyester wadding you're using as filter media, between the dividers. Needless to say would of course be the budget solution for X number tanks, and newbies on a budget…yeah a quick dirty example.


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Growing Squash Vertically

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