FRANK the flowerhorn gets a new tank! Bichir moved to the 2000G aquarium. PLUS and update on the asian arowana. (SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE AS WELL!)

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  1. My arowana's body is bent is it ok to leave it like that hes doing fine he eats well, its only that it bothers me everytime i look at it cause it feels like hes having a hard time.. Hehe is there any treatment available to return hes body into normal???

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.. Tnx all

  2. Sir can u help me to recover my flowerhorn is suffering from swim bladder diseases. I am been treating it from one month. By epson salt and tetracyclin tablet.but he is not recovering.plz suggest me to cure him plz..!

  3. Whats your opinion on a vilot fading red arowana and do you know a good supplier I could get one from. I would like to rais it from a baby and I'm am in the works of getting a 300 gallon just for it.

  4. What's you take on oscars and chiclids? Like malawi's I just started up a 180L tank to grow some small oscars and plecos while I am building my biggest tank ever a 2000l so I was thinking of putting the above mentioned fish with a sikver arowana in there, you have any advice on this for me?

  5. Hey Joey, not sure if you will even see this given how many comments your videos get, but beware the "four corners of death"; as the fish grow out they may each stake out a corner and then fight it out in the middle of the tank. The dominant alpha will then make life hell for whichever fish is weakest. I've always told people 5 is the best number for an aro com tank.

    One tip I recently got from an aro farm owner (Nic from Dreamfish) is to install lots of powerheads to create a strong circular current such that the fish are too tired to fight. 🙂

    Good luck


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