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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. God I love those scapes so much. Have been thinking about trying to make my own with your old videos, but pretty sure they'd end up in one of those Nailed It threads and look like a 2 year old did them.

  2. Hey Joey I'm just starting a reef aquarium with a small number of fish in it what do you recommend. I have a 25g bow glass fish tank and one of the issue I'm running into is the is not a lot of company's that I can buy from. I live in truro, ns. Just looking for some advice.

  3. I like the urau tank best. I'd leave it as is, if the fern keeps being pulled out, i'd leave the rock pile as is. would be a nice contrast between the plants on the left and bare rock on the right. the logs look nice and the fish work well in there.

  4. This tank is a surprise after all,the uaru are amazing fish and you decorated that very well!!!Keep up with the good work!!The tetra tank is also nice nut I'm not into so tiny fish!!This video worthed my time for sure,cheers!!!

  5. Both tanks look very natural and beautifully done I would love to have big pieces of wood but when looking at wood here in UK they want £30 or more for each piece all that wood in your tank would cost more than my tank

  6. For one of the last empty tanks i reckon you should make a African Cichlid tank it would be a really nice colourful tank just to spice it up. it would also really shine next to one of the darker tanks such as the Uaru or Tyrese. Also African Cichlids are a great choice as they are quite common in the hobby but still amazing.

  7. I think it’s pretty cool that you managed to keep tetras with the fahaka puffer. Everyone says that fahakas are incredibly aggressive and I’d like to get some opinions about that.


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