FINALLY! The 2,000 gallon aquarium reveal!

FINALLY! The 2,000 gallon aquarium reveal!

Today we are back in the aquarium gallery to take a look at some progress and updates on the 2,000 gallon fish tank!

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  1. My boyfriend suggested thst maybe I stop watching your videos because of the crazy ideas I've been getting 😅 Lucky for him he was joking and lucky for him that I can't afford my plans yet 😂

  2. My interest in maintaining as well as growing my fish room expanded the beginning of December. I was doing feeder fish for my ducks and watering my garden. Then I rescued 5 iridescent sharks, a red tail catfish, spiny eel a about 50 snails to really make my 134 gallon aquarium tropical and run full time. Moved my various goldfish to the 55 gallon so I could add plants to the tropical. I have another 55 gallon that for the life of me I cannot get the glass cleaned that I hope will be a quarantine /feeder tank for spring ducks as well as watering my garden. I've since added a few angels, at my wife's request to the tropical tank. My snails are now breeding, after a month in the aquarium. I hope to have all my tanks working as aquaponics to grow herbs year round as well as eliminating water changes. My questions are, how do I clean impossible to clean glass with fish in the tank, also is there a food I can put together to feed iridescent sharks, red tail catfish, spiny eel, angel fish together? You're the man and I hope you can help my buddy.

  3. Joey, if you're worried about the arowana and his stress, just wait until the very last minute to move him to the cement tank! It's not worth it to put in all that effort just to see him not survive the stress… better safe than sorry!!! Good luck!!!

  4. LOL…….. The fish don't even have the slightest notion of a new bigger, better home even being built for them. Hahahaha…… Don't tell me you believe they can actually hear and understand everything you say in those conversations you have with them?

    Hahahaha…….. Sorry bro, I just had to. It was right there digging into my brain and I couldn't let it go, I was only kidding. I love your work though, I'm actually a fan the aquatic world.
    Can't wait to see the finishing product, and the fishes reaction once they finally get in that new tank they've been so eager to get into. Ahhhhhh, I'm kidding man! Horale holmes. I got you again hey. ;-Q

  5. I wonder if major pet stores like pet smart or pet co hate you like how they or her people well i guess you don't saycanytuing bad or good about them so I guess they wouldn't care most people say don't buy or let them take care of your pet's but i think we should buy them because someone needs to save those poor animals

  6. joey please please please do u have a enail or some way i can get in touch with u personally please i have a build i would like some advice on b4 i get stuck into building and also i was in hospital wile u ran the signed teeshirt limited addition i have just got home 3 days ago and now the campaign/offer has ended is there any chance i can please get my hands on 2 female tees please . i love your work/vids and have been a subscriber since u started making ur vids and have learnt so much from you thank you very much please keep up the awesome work i cant wait to see ur gallery finished and up and running , much love from the uk , god bless have a great day

  7. Just watched these 2000gal videos super excited to see how it turns out! In the video you asked for the outer decor of the cement stand, i though stacked stone work, or maybe like a flat 3D background exterior? 🤔

  8. Do you think that instead of NETTING the big guy , why not built something clear like a big breeder float box and scoop him in , so technically he won't be out of the water at any time , of course a close lid might help to prevent him jumping out during the move , then all you have to do is pour him out in to the new tank . (Less stress )

  9. Since you flooded the house many times, any plans on how to deal with that in the future so it's easier to clean up when it happens? 😀

  10. That tank looks amazing, I can visulise all the ideas your coming out with and they soind even more amazing.
    what type of water heater are you using, a stainless steel cylinder type? Not sure where I read it or if it's true that copper in a fish system will poison the water? Has the under floor heating idea been done before in this setup? I'm thinking there might be alot of themal lag overall that could make the water temp fluctuate quite a bit, A good PID thermostat should sort that out and a safty backup

  11. hello sir…I like watching your videos thanks for sharing such great experiences.
    sir can u tell me how to treat lices in the Aquarium… I've plucked lices but I think they are in the tank also..I have orandas , black moor, uplook gold fish….

  12. Should've used a higher quality pipe as abs is thin walled & brittle.
    The tank "will leak" for the lack of using a "key way" on the perimeter of the base and then the walls should be been poured atop that.
    If you're gonna except funds from subs you should at least use a competent contractor(or the advice thereof) and quality material.




This was an IMPRESSIVE Aquarium!!

This was an IMPRESSIVE Aquarium!!