Feeding the stingrays AND fan mail!

I can’t believe some of the things you guys send me!!!

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking how much is a polka dotted stingray to buy and do they let you buy the stingrays as babies or only as adults ??? Awesome videos btw !!!!!

  2. The Words to joey's theme song:

    His name is 'Joey Mullen' and he's the king of DIY
    So if your into Fishes hit that 'Like and then Subscribe'
    You'll see the up's and downs of fish keeping
    Through Passion, Sweat and Tears
    But you know that your in safe hands
    He's been doing this for years

    It's a Real Education
    He's a Source of Inspiration
    With his step by step of how to do
    It's spreading across the Nations

    And his name is 'Joey Mullen'
    He's the King of DIY
    So if your in to Fishes
    Hit that 'Like and then Subscribe'

    Lv. Uncle Taz.

  3. Huge fan of your aquariums! I got my own Asian Arowana (High-Back Red Tail Golden) and grooming him from your advices make him look even better than before!

  4. Lol "spot the ray", a fun comment showing the joy of the hobby. Loving the gallery finally reaping the pleasure of letting us all enjoy the specimens and their unique behaviors!

  5. @The king of DIY – If you have the time, can you please make a video on your thoughts on clams in sumps for improved filtering?
    It seems odd that the main natural water filtering organism is not present in our sumps or in our thoughts.

    Thank you


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