Today we feed the peacock bass aquarium fish pond. The king of DIY

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  1. so im just starting to get into looking at aquariums for when i get out of the marine corps and getting my own place and am starting to watch your videos for education and now how i cant relate to aquariums saving my life i can relate in the way that motorcycles and track racing super bikes saved my life!!! while ill be honest in the fact that it has almost ended my life a time or 2 lol i just wanted to say that i love that you are willing to share those things about yourself and its very meaningful and touches a lot of people and thank you!!!

  2. 6:29 subtle flex.

    Also you're not the number 1 Foo has more subscribers and multiple videos with over 20 million views vs your best video that has 5 million.

    Maybe foo didn't have more subs than you when the video was made but definitely did have videos with higher view numbers than your top video.

  3. Proper fish keeper, you are so right about goldfish feeders, a goldfish is a man made fish, poor quality proteins, riddled with disease. But are bright colours so those who keep predator fish for the wrong reasons can see the kill better, so many on you tube not doing research and think it’s easy to keep them, what a great set up you have 👍

  4. I created a planted dirt aquarium with a Flame Dwarf Gourami and Male Guppies (Pleco, Snails, and Corydoras). Little secrete of mine, I absolutely love it! tried to show them to follow my finger for some frozen brine shrimp and they go nutz. This is my 4th aquarium and so far my favorite combination.
    P.S. Hope to see your future mini pond, since I am working on a side project myself ( Outdoor pond for a 2in Common Goldfish that help me built my bacteria 😀 )

  5. I think it’s time you built that underwater night vision camera. Just saying. And see if you can make it for under $50 lol. Great video! You’re a good dude and we should all be happy for your success and passion for this hobby.


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