FEEDING THE 2,000G AQUARIUM + Aquarium gallery update

Today we feed the 2,000 gallon aquarium out in the aquarium galley. Followed by updating on all the fish tanks and whats to come.
Presented by: The king of DIY – Uarujoey – Joey….DIY king…. etc…. Call me what ever you want. haha


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  1. I have got to know how you do all this that’s gotta be a pain to clean…what kind of fish is Frank…he looks like a parrot fish almost..are you ever gonna come to Iowa to speak…write a book already😂😂

  2. and i think that u will upload more new videos so far so good and best of luck for upcoming days i like ure channel a lot because ure friendly and a person who with open talking and open minded too and etc makes u a good a man and makes ure channel the best it can be and all of ure emotions and affections to fish and giving its importance all living organisms and also giving them a life that they can had and all organism haves its live on its hand but in some cases it make change

  3. i think that it ure buddy sacrificed its life for ure good i feel that u say that some says i that or what in personally to according my option because its ure best friend like u lived with 5 years and its so like human have life and also a good heart and have brain like thinking a lot about that how u cared for him make him the best u can give and u tried the maximum that u done to save him but unfortunately he passed because of the accident he gone he known that the one birth in world haves to die in one day or other because thats the mother nature has given to us and all living organisms in world when one is born in the world he have to die in coming days to similar organism and also include us too so i hope u will make it and don't worry because i known ure feelings because i faced a similar like this with dear pet animals but i done for them as maximum for them and i hope cared for them and also i hope i given them good life that i can give and so sad that the similar is facing so don't worry because it happens all over the world so bye for now



I couldn’t save him…

The LAST aquarium in the gallery