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  1. What do you think of Guppies as a feeder fish for Piranha? They are one of the few non aggressive fish from South America you can get in the hobby. I'm trying to get my tank as self sustainable as possible as I am now currently waiting for my plants to grow. I have snails and shrimp to act as tank cleaners currently. I want to live feed for a couple of reasons. Since it is a planted tank and I am going to have to do a little trimming and maintence I don't want the Pirhanna to associate my hand or tools in my hand with getting fed. I want them to associate me going to the feeder tank (they will see it.) with a net with food. I want them to associate the net with food not my hand, or tools. That and I think predatory animals require being fed live for their own entertainment and a form of exercise.

  2. I feed my turtle feeder fish every 2 weeks, so it doesn’t get used to it too much. I did my research and use guppies as they are not as high in thiamine and have smaller bones so my turtle doesn’t choke.

  3. The only live feeding I did was when I had a puffer (T. Biocellatus) and fed it live shrimp or snails as an occasional change from (frozen) mussels. Mainly because that fish was so damn messy and having to clean up the residual bits left behind.

  4. My cichlids would eat live and flakes and forzen. They did get sick but I was buying them from a store (minos) would it be a better idea to have a small tank and bread some Molly or other live beering fish ?

  5. Thank you for finally commenting on feeder fish. People listen to you and look up to you, hopefully the people in the groups online will understand better now. They don't always like to listen to random people on the internet 😉

  6. I really want to transform either my outdoor shed into a fish room or my office room. I’m trying to figure out which fish I want to get into. I’m going to my LFS tomorrow to make a list of which fish I like.

  7. People still use feeder goldfish? I’ve been in the hobby for 22 years, but have recently taken some time off because of college and work. I used to be super involved with large forums online and I had thought 10 years ago we had pretty much stamped out the feeder fish thing, at least for freshwater fish. Feeders are terrible for the fish eating them, and it’s cruel. I know that fish eat others in the wild, but that’s nature. Some have this god complex with their tanks, honesty thinking that they are emulating nature despite having fish in a glass box. You’re absolutely right…it’s unnecessary. It’s childish, and all it does it glorify violence because it’s “cool” to watch.

  8. Dang! Good work, as always, and a gorgeous example of a healthy, happy fish. Since we keep fish in captivity, it is up to us to provide the best environment and diet possible, and I appreciate your information on this.

  9. I support the idea of not feeding them live fish if theyre not getting all the nutrients, vitamins etc that they need from the live fish. I just dont like the idea of not feeding them live fish because "its mean" or whatever else.

  10. As natural as the process is (using feeder fish), I'm likely to make them a new pet, and be stuck (happily might I add) with a new tank. Thanks for elaborating. I got what you were saying from the onset. Thought it was clear…


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