Unboxing aquarium equipment for the fish tanks in the aquarium gallery.
The included products were all from Ecotech marine:Ecotech vectra M1 centrifugal return pump
Ecotech Vordach MP40
Ecotech Vordach MP60Ecotech Reeflink
Ecotech Battery backup

Check out Ecotech at:

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  1. The aquarium gallery needs DEPENDABLE equipment running it. Im so sick of my cheap pumps burning out on me. I literally have no more powerbeads that actually work. Im entirely excited to finally have equipment that actually works! Ecotech did not ask me to do this unboxing. Personally, I just wanted to share this experience with you guys.

    More to come.


  2. We now know what Joey looked like 30 years ago at Christmas. Really glad Ecotech and Custom Aquariums stepped up to help the Gallery be awesome, thank you to both companies.

  3. I think the most impressive price of equipment you got is the reef link. I can't believe you can control everything you received with one unit. That's pretty amazing!

  4. WIth past reef setups and internal pumps I have still had the issue of coralline algae build-up. Those EcoTech pumps look great, but how do they stack up against that (internal part still being an issue)?

  5. Are you sure there is enough space between the glass and rack to use these on your racked tanks? I went back to the video of the prototype racks and it looks pretty tight on the sides for that external drive bit…

  6. damn I will never be able to justify buying ecoteck. $$$ one day may get used but I looked through them and they are sweat! glad you were able to meet such a great sponser. keep up the great work!

  7. again, I'm so excited to watch and live your dream with you. I must admit I go lost in the unboxing, so many numbers and types of equipment – but I'm happy you will hopefully break it all down in time and give more an individual talk on what they do and why they are in your book the equipment you are happy to have. keep it coming Joey – I'm hooked!!

  8. i just met with one of the co owners of ecotech and did a walkthrough of one of their warehouses in pa about 2hrs ago and they are amazing they make almost everything in house and i can truly say they take a lot of pride in their products

  9. How cool would it be to have an underwater 360 degree camera live stream all the time in side one of your aquariums?! Not sure on the costs or anything about that but it just sounds like it would be such an awesome and unique thing on your channel!

  10. i likewise worry the mp60 wont work on the 2000gal. I've seen 1.5" 1000gal acrylic tanks – and they had 3 cutouts on each side in the acrylic for mp60s.

  11. I know this video has nothing to do with Saltwater stuff ; but I have a question? I notice all your builds have to do with fresh water fish. Are you builds safe for saltwater fish ?

  12. I sure do hope you do a unboxing of each item , reviews and a review later down the road it all is going. I would love to own some of this stuff but I cannot get passed the price of there equipment.



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