EASY saltwater aquarium setup

How I set up my saltwater aquarium. Basically identical to my freshwater aquariums.

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  1. Nice video as always..Quick question, I am going from fresh water to salt water and the 150gal i have currently has 3d back ground stuck to it, will it affect the tank if i set up the salt water tank with the 3d background still stuck to the glass?

  2. I have cycled several salt water tanks with pure ammonia and it works very well and in less time. Of course, i have the advantage of being a chemist and work at a lab where i can get pure ammonia

  3. Uhhh…. maybe mention refugiums? It's amazing how many salt water aquarists seem to have an aversion to plants. Plants and animals evolved together, and they compliment each other.

  4. It takes about 2-4 weeks to get a marine aquarium set up correctly. I mean, at least that's how I set mine up, live rock, sand, water, then after 2 weeks I drained 50% of the water and refilled. after 3 weeks I added the corals and then week 4 I added the fish. So far, 1 year later everything is perfect.

  5. Hey Joey, first off, absolutely love all your videos, have been an inspiration and help to me. I have seen a Fluval Edge 46l nano tank that I am going to buy very cheap, second hand. I was thinking of aquascaping it and putting in a small shoal of fish, BUT!!! I think I am going to try Moon Jellyfish, I have spoken to 2 Jellyfish companies here in London and with a couple of simple mods, the tank will be fine. Have you ever tried to keep Jellyfish, if so how did it go. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  6. Was going to try a salt water 30 gallon, but this video completely changed my mind. Sounds way to complicated. I'll just stick to my 3 freshwater tanks.

  7. Can you please make a video on how to use a canister filter on a saltwater tank? I hear they are nitrate factories, but if you have a protein skimmer that will help with that? Not sure what to do as I’m contemplating using one on my 29 gallon reef tank.


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Winter Beans Grown in a Greenhouse Hydroponically

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What are you up to?