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  1. I have noticed a few comments on getting glass shards and glass dust in the sump. There were no shards and since im drilling from the outside in, the dust is on the outside. This would be different if i was drilling from the top down. Im drilling from the side. No dust or anything got in the tank besides the glass circle i removed. (Now on etsy) Kidding… if i did get anything in the sump, it would have to be a pretty large amount to cause any real issues(needing to get sucked into the pump and make its way to the top tank and pollute the entire 300gal system. Far fetched for sure. Bottom line i guess is… i was there. Nothing got in haha.

  2. My tank 125 gallon shattered like tempered glass. I totally thought it wasn’t tempered glass because the bottom of the tank already has 4 holes drilled into it for the overflow that goes into a sump. But I’m just wondering how we’re the 4 holes drilled and when I tried it shattered? I’m thinking the 4 holes were drilled before the glass was rapidly cooled? I hope you reply I love your channel. But i was drilling more holes for a under gravel filtration…. I never seen anyone do this. But I did this on a 20 gallon and it worked great, it has a lot of gallons per hour and you can see the suction from inside the tank.

  3. My tank was fully filled so I put on my lenses got my phone and looked at it and it’s not tempered. But, now my phone doesn’t work…

  4. Hey dude love your vids. If I ever need to cool a cutter of any sort I use a garden weed sprayer. You can pump them up and normally lock them on so you don't have to keep Adding water.

  5. Brilliant info, just done this myself after 7 cans, battery ran out half way through but after an hour charge was very easy to do.
    I did use a suction guide though & I would advise getting one, makes it so much easier, they are only £10 of eBay.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I have to attempt this on a 4yr old paludarium for drainage and yes a refugium upgrade. Fingers are crossed


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