Dragon Fish update!

Today we update on the 2,000G aquarium that houses the 4 new asian arowana and 4 stingrays.

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  1. Going back through and watching all your older stuff to get my fix! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Looking forward to seeing the arowana soon and even several years from now!

  2. Animals captive bred are not counted as numbers in the wild. If an animal is considered endangered it means they have low wild numbers. There are many endangered animals even extinct animals that still exist in captive state. Farms do not count.

  3. Sad to see chaos in the community although it"s expected. Normally we need to avoid wood & rocks from arowanas in order to avoid any injuries incident. Great video tho!

  4. CITIES needs to be updated. While its true that wild Asian Arowana are declining. Many of these species are captive bred. In Singapore, captive bred arowana are in abundance. Here are some est prices sold in Singapore in USD, Green $50, Red Tail Gold $100-$200, Crossback Gold $200-$300 , Reds $600-$1500. Range depends on the grades and age. Im shock joey had to purchase that Blood Red Juvenile @ $3000. In Singapore, A Blood/Chilli Super Red cost about $1000.

  5. Hay Joey a how to keep and care for rays and arowanas would be awesome. Also have you done one on discus I’m thinking of getting some before I step up to motoro rays and peacock bass and arowanas.

  6. Thanks for all of your video! Its so informative 👍
    Ps. The original arowana, please name her Lady! Yeah, its cliche, but she is so graceful. Her tail and fins are just like the bottom of red dress. Our Lady ❤

  7. hey bud, i for one would love it if you did an asian arowana care vid!! there arent many out there that encompas all the right tips. i always love watching your vids and i think your style and delivery of material would help a lot of ppl; myself included!



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