DO NOT get these fish if you are new to aquariums! | The King of DIY

This is a fish you do NOT want to get if you are new to fish tanks and aquariums!

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  1. I think the problem with this aquarium could be the amount of rocks/hideouts and separations to create small territories inside the tank itself. By adding a lot more rocks, the males can't chase all the females or at least not the same ones again and again, they get lost and tired doing it, in this type of open tanks (especially with moderate footprint (I mean, height is not really important for this type of fish) it's easy for them. It's the same problems with hard M'bunas (maylandia, cynotilapias, some melanochromis auratus etc). Check some of the most ''rocky'' m'bunas aquariums, maybe you could try a different approach.

  2. That tank you have is very well aquas caped. Good for mbunas. Having seen your Trouphius I think I wiil change my mind and get mbunas I'm not saying that these are easier to keep but tell me your feelings on this. Thanks Dermot

  3. auratus cichlid, this you shouldn't get. they are so agresive, i had 1 male and one female. the male one killed the female. got more fish and he harassed them all. the most agresive i had has to be auratus african cichlid.

  4. Love your species profiles. I found your channel because of the video you did for Rachel O'leary on your waroo! So now you have another subscriber! Great accent btw!

  5. Unsubscribed. Moving on to different subjects. Thanks for the videos, you had me fascinated about aquatic animals for a while, and I hope you inspire with this neat hobby.

  6. Omg so amazing love u so much u are the best my name is Annie I live in hull and I'm 11 I want to be a marine biologist when I'm older I have said this since I was 4 just want to say I love u so much and ur so inspiring to me xxx 🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳🐋

  7. My mom and I have a Tanganyika tank with Black calvus, neolamprologus leleupi, julidochromis marlerii. They're all great fish. I'm glad to see more Tanganyikan fish being brought to the spotlight. They're all amazing fish.

  8. These fish aren't worth the trouble. They're great looking fish but I've had an easier time with rays & arowanas, even Discus. Will never try these fish again. I''ll admit though fully grown & full colour you can get a really salt-water looking aquarium, especially the black and yellow ones you have.

    Since you've nailed it down I'd really love to see you do a peacock bass/gar etc. type of tank. Also Altum angels or Datnoids would be a rewarding challenge.


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