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Today we switch out the old aquarium sump filters to try out the diy filters we built. Also explaining how they work and showing them in action.

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  1. Am a little confused so all the water pumps through and cleans the water all the food waste and stuff put it only looks like you have an over flow so ow do you get all the food off the gravel and stuff go up to the top.
    I love the idea of the huge filter and am going to make one I just wanna know how to make it as it it filter from the bottom of the tank. Not sure if am making sence put hope you can help

  2. How can the water flowing down be exactly the same amount of it going back up? Does it have to be ? Won’t it overflow if up is slower?what keeps the balance? Oh the level of the overflow on the tank?

  3. How do u match the return pump to the water that goes into the sump what if your pump isn’t strong enough overflows onto your floor. The pump has to much power there’s not going to be enough water I’m still so confused plz help me

  4. Here's a trick, put a lava rock in a glass measuring cup with a measured amount of water. Remove rock. Did you loose any water? Then it's not trapping any because the holes don't go through. Great surface area, but Joey's deformed balls will wick up water. Which one do you want to use? The one the water goes though, or over?

  5. I've been researching online on sumps for a while and want to build an ultimate freshwater sump.

    As far as I know, these are the main components of the sump:
    1. protein skimmer
    2. mechanical filter
    3. biological filter – moving bed filter (sand/movable media)
    4. biological filter – stationary porous media
    5. chemical filter – refugium

    Would this filtration order work nicely?

  6. Would you use the same biological filtration recommendations for a marine reef system? I’d imagine lava rock would be way cheaper than the bio balls or something similar

  7. How do you find time to be a dad, work a full-time job, be an +1 millions follower youtubers, be an exceptional aquarist, and workout? Dude u make it hard for regular Joe's like us lol hahaha. congrats on your video and content

  8. Just wondering, how come u don’t put a skimmer into your sump?? Won’t it take waist and other bad chemicals in your water? It can help you out!!


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