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  1. Lava rock creates tons of rock dust by friction and I fear the tiniest of that dust goes out the pantyhose and accumulates somewhere in the propeller housing, and cause damage in the long run…decent filter media is much cheaper than my filter!

  2. I’m setting up a new tank 5 gallon Betta ,is there a quick way to cycle it , I know the biological is on everything in the tank, not the water column as people say.Thanks for your time 🇨🇦🇨🇦 B.C.

  3. Paint strainers work great. They come in a 1-5 gallon. They are also cheep. You can pick them up at any home improvement store. I'm pretty sure they are made from nylon.

  4. I have a 120 gallon full of way to many tilapia. It'll plug 6 7" filter bags a day. Any idea what the most efficient lowest maintenance mechanical filter could be? Biological keeps up ok and nitrates feed plants. I just can't seem to keep the tank clear… Love for any suggestions!

  5. I'm a bit late to the show, but yes I would like to see more of those type videos. Seems that u have veered away from that recently. Maybe somewhere down the line, will resort back to the old school way..??
    I still watch, however the tips n tricks is more preferable in my opinion.

  6. Buying pantyhose is a lot less awkward when, as soon as you get to the register and they say “hello sir” just respond quickly with “it’s ma’am” and it puts all that awkwardness on the other person. Even if your total male in appearance.

  7. I needed a net type of material for my pool’s leaf vacuum. The pool store charges exorbitant prices for those and they are smaller than I need and tend to fall apart rather quickly. I got an inexpensive laundry bag which lasts a lot longer and holds more material. I suppose that a laundry bag can also be used to hold filter media for aquariums.

  8. What if your wife is a bit on the husky side? Do they use a different size pantyhose or are all pantyhose a universal thickness regardless of the size of the woman?

    i suppose I could ask the wife but then I would get that look before she gave me an answer……..ain't nobody got time for that!!!

  9. hay you thanks for the info back in 2016 ,,, .. here 2018,….., just new at info on media ,, love the idea of lava rock did try it and i been two week in the turtle tank water is cleaner than before .. save $$$$ thanks again

  10. A light diffuser little cage tied put with up with zip ties. Is just fine for lava rock, I only currently use ceramics. Might just start a cage with some lava rock.




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