DIY Aquarium bulkheads and PVC fittings

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Building your own aquarium plumbing parts is often overlooked in the aquarium hobby. This video will get you started on making your own bulkheads, elbows, loops and anything else you can think to build using this method.


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  1. Been going through a lot of your older tutorial videos and there is a wealth of good information there, although sometimes pretty buried through the years. This video in particular was really informative and will save me a lot of $$$$! Thank you Joey!

  2. You may use rubber from ruined bicycle tire to make "uniseal-like" joint. Therefore You even reduce leakeage by faulty assembly issues. I did not do it myself though, it could be harder.
    But still, if you cannot find threaded parts that would make a candidate!

    I do confirm that 15€ a bulkead or soft joint will ruin your project ROI (return income) very fast. Best designs are often the simplest ones to be cheap and easy to maintain.

  3. @4:32 that doesn't make a bulkhead fitting.
    you would need a flat washer instead of an o-ring and an npt tap to thread the internal portion of the fitting to make it into a bulkhead.
    bulkhead fittings have a female internal thread, a male external thread, a taper on one side, and a flat washer and pvc lock nut.

  4. I've seen electricians use special adapters to blow there heat gun right down the pvc conduit so it heats it from the inside out. Kinking happens when the plastic near the inside isn't as pliable as the plastic near the outside.

  5. Great video Joey. You said that you don't like your old videos, yet there great because they are so informative, to the point, and have no long and unnecessary intros. So thanks king. 🙂

  6. Joey, your book- does it cover restrictions on where acrylic can be drilled? I'm designing a significant DIY project that will involve putting 1" pipe through a large acrylic aquarium back panel, down below the top of the substrate. I know with glass it would be risky… but does your book cover if thats okay to do? (or maybe you can answer here and I just buy book later? hah). thanks!

  7. I used the electrical threaded adapters in the past and worked like charm. More recently I tried it again and its giving me the same problems as using 2 threaded white pvc adapters.

    What gives? It worked a few years ago.

  8. Little late to the party, but if you're bending pipes, pc sites sell silicon to slide inside small diameter pipes. It wont solve big pipe collapsing, but i thought it was worth mentioning.

  9. My turtle is watching these videos with me (No, I'm not even lying. She's right here on the desk, raptly listening/watching.), and now that she sees just HOW BIG an aquarium is possible? (that giant ocean you have behind ya!)…

    Guess what 'I' now have to get her?…


    As always, thanks for sharing the heat gun techniques and tips, and sharing the video with the rest of us.

  10. If you need to bend pvc pipe but don't have a heat gun, measure how much sand is needed to fill the tube, (put it in with a funnel) then pour it out of the funnel into an old pan and heat it, then return it to the pipe and bend.



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