Today we talk with Wes, the 2016 discus aquarium fish grand champion winner!!



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  1. I'm so glad Uncle Sam's discus is only 15mins away from me. By far the best place to get Quality discus!! Met the owner, real straight up, down to earth guy.

  2. This is also really late but unfortunately for me the chances of meeting you or any of your subscribers is slim as i am from South Africa…who knows maybe one day i am fortunate enough to actually meet you along with some of the subscribers…really enjoy all your videos…

  3. I've been going through and watching some of your videos I missed in the past & I would just like to say…RIP Buddy! Every time he swims into frame all I can think is "damn, that is a stunning fish!". Can't wait to see what your other Arowanas turn out like…the little girl in the gallery seems to be an awesome fish so far!

  4. dude i am from India and i wanna know where can i know about discus in India .But still wanna be a breeder and right know i was breeding molly for several years but i wanna breed discus now what should i do ? please help me ?

  5. Congratulations Wes! By the way, thanks for the Discus you sold me at Reef-A-Palooza last year. Discus is nice and rounded, colorful, fat and healthy. The best quality Discus I've ever owned.

  6. Joey, I live in southeast Virginia and love freshwater fish. Your channel has helped me tremendously. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for an aquarium to visit or a show I should go to in my general area. Keep up the good work. Love your arowana and hope to see rays again eventually.

  7. I don't have a tank, but I find your videos extremely interesting to watch! Hopefully (when I have a less hectic schedule) I can get a 5 gallon betta tank! Maybe I'll throw some shrimp in there too! Inspo from you daughter of course. =P

    I hope your event goes well and congrats to Uncle Sam's Discus for the Grand Champion award!



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