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  1. I'd kill to have even one of those large tanks in my house, the biggest tank I have since moving back to the Maritimes is the 13 gallon cylinder tank.

  2. When you were talking about the stingrays, it made me think, it would be cool if you did a video on each fish tape, where you went over all of your knowledge on those with the breeding and everything but also the water parameters they like and stuff like you were talking about the stunting and how the stingrays can adapt, I don’t know about everybody but I find that stuff very interesting and kind of a how to on each fish what you really need how to take care of them with their water parameters are temperature KHGHPH all of those things and just things to know about them. Like I always had stingrays in salt water and I never even thought about the Barb and didn’t realize they fell out. Of course lake tetras and things like that that are kind of universal you could lump in and one video but I learned a lot of stuff from you on the stingrays and several of the fish I’ve kept before but never knew these things about.

  3. joey you should make individual videos per tank, and can go over a detailed overview of the livestock and what not. You can get like 20 videos out, each covering one of your tanks !

  4. Haha Feb 2nd birthdays are cursed for fish keepers. I had 8 angels randomly drop dead with no apparent water quality issues, or outer body issues. All we’re eating great and active. Next day all dead yet my German blue Rams in my tank which were more fragile are all fine.

  5. I like your informative videos. I appreciate your honesty and drive for correct information. I think you are a great source for people who want to know whats what in a confusing and misinformation ridden hobby



NEW aquarium is a PLANTED FISH TANK!! The king of DIY

Climate Change on Aquaculture Farm

Climate Change on Aquaculture Farm