“Did the Catfish EAT the Giant Gourami?”

"Did the Catfish EAT the Giant Gourami?"

“Did the Catfish EAT the Giant Gourami?” I am getting asked that daily. Today we update on the aquarium gallery and all the fish.

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  1. Hey umm I have somthing to tell you if your into fish fights but I really like red tails but hate gulpercatfish it’s just so cruel how they feed the fight less fish to them so get a gulpercatfish and put it with the red tail I bet the red tail will kill the gulper LETS GO RED TAIL

  2. Ye she to big at the minute but soon she will be food we had a redtail catfish from 4 Inchs ,long 16 years later he maxed out at 4 feet long close to 100lbs

  3. Susan will be eaten by the catfish if you do not move her soon, trust me you will wake up one morning and she will be gone, believe me I learnt the hard way, she has not got long left!!!!

  4. "IF" you decide to get rid of these catfish, I would love to see you grow out a school of Redline Torpedo Barbs in this tank. I don't believe you have had these yet? They look incredible when full grown and make a beautiful school in a large long tank.

  5. I just came across your channel today and I've been watching all of your videos! I'm hooked! Also, everytime I see a video with the catfish I want to call him Kevin. He just looks like a Kevin to me.


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