Decorating my goldfish aquarium – GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

How to decorate a fancy goldfish aquarium like I did! Aquascaping this tank for me, was a challenge. I have not done something like this for 8 years!! Let me know what you think!

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  1. I scaped my goldfish tank this way and it was horrible, so much gunk built up between the rocks and it was impossible to clean after a while the tank started smelling because of it, never again

  2. Look very nice! Love the fish & size tank👍 Could maybe do with diffetent lighting though, like a natural or even white&blue LED…that will make your fish & white substrate stand out even MORE!🙂 Overall, very nice tank

  3. The Goldfish tank looks"AWESOME"!!! My wife has taken on a tank that I have and has gotten Fancy Goldfish also, so this video has made the scape for them even easier and better than what it was. Thanks…

  4. my goldfish aquarium is cloudy and i dont have any plants or sand in it . i have a sponge filter running 24/7 and a air stone and still cloudy . can any1 help me fix the bloomy , cloudy problem

  5. I take rocks directly from the river bank on my land and boil them to sanitize them. The rocks have all colors and shapes and there are more unearthed each time the river floods, which gives me more materials and inspiration for aquascaping. I’ve tried planting a goldfish tank but the ate all the plants, so I have another tank now. It’s a 55 with black sand and a pile of natural gravel in the middle, like an island, with some Anubis and red plants. This is my first successful planted tank, and I hope to do more in the future.

  6. I want a goldfish aquarium so bad!! But they need so much room!! I think im going to do an indoor pond for some black moors or if I’m lucky some comets and my turtles!



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