CRAZY EASY Aquarium alarm you can build yourself!

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NO MORE flooding your aquarium.
NO MORE changing too much water.

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  1. Thank you! I managed to fail to see that my tank filled up while adding water to it today and ended up with ALOT of water on the carpet. Had to drain the 135 gal tank and move it so I could pull back carpet and padding to dry it adequately… Needless to say I will be doing this project !!

  2. Thats pretty cool! I don't have this issue cuz I only do partial changes 99% of the time and fill with buckets (So obviously no water flowing without my being there) but this does sound a lot like an idea I had to keep a canister filter inside a large plastic tote in case the filter where to leak. With an alarm like this that would sound if there where to be water rising in the tote!

  3. Hello, really enjoy your videos, I found your channel and watched a lot of videos from you and it made me wana buy my first aquarium as well.
    The size will be around 60 liter as a starter aquarium and I would like to know what kind of filter I should use, I want it to be as quiet as possible since its gonna be in the room Iam sleeping in.

    Keep up that great work and greetings from Germany!

  4. Joey, I completely forgot about your channel. First found an interest in fish and your channel around 12. I am now 17 and I still have my 72 bow front. Miss you're videos and you loads man! Keep it up!

  5. Love re-purposing! One thing I would add. I don't know when this was filmed or when you changed the detector… In my 20's I was a volunteer fireman. The habit I got into was to change the batteries and check the alarms the first week of October each year. In the US this is fire prevention week, it commemorates the great Chicago fire of 1871, and a great reminder to do this chore! I don't know if you have an equivalent in CA. It's a great way to remember to do an important maintenance item.

  6. Hi joye: Just an idea for an update:

    If you make two switches to the alarm, then you can have an upper and under limit for your water. A way of never having to much or to less water in the tank.



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