COMPLETE TOUR of my monster aquarium 700G

COMPLETE TOUR of my monster aquarium 700G

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  1. The SHOWER CURTAIN is a fantastic idea plus, no chance of smacking your Shin on the open door's! I'm impressed. The rest of your gear I can't afford so I can't comment but it's nice to dream eh lol. I wouldn't give the GREEN GLASS room if I was you, I'll tell you what send it me and I promise I will dispose of it for you 👍😄👍
    I could watch your tanks all day long and night lol, how do you choose which one to watch? Who needs a TV etc you've got the best TV's possible.
    Take care my friend 👍😷👍

  2. I am glad Timmy is finally getting his alpha on!

    I was so worried about you when I realized that monster went through your town. My aunt and uncle just moved to Cape Breton from Ontario and it really scared me. My heart breaks for all those victims… things like that just don't happen "here" and I'm still wrapping my head around it 🙁

  3. Hi Joey, have you ever maybe considered doing a type of video where your subs send your clips and pics of their tanks at home and give advice and critique them? i think it would be an awesome video/series for your channel. Awesome tank and I love your redtails btw, one of the most beautiful catfish imo.

  4. Hi Joey what advice would you give me.. One of my goldfish is upside down iv tried peas epsom salt bath that got a bit of air out but is still upside down he is about 2 years old

  5. Hey Joey thank you so much for your wood fishtank video. I would like to build my own aquarium but longer than yours and shorter in width maybe about two feet width. To make things simple if I did double the length which would be 156 inches, would I need to split the glass in half to put a 2x 4 down the middle where the two glasses meet or could I get one long piece of glass and rely on my border brace to be sufficient enough to support the panel and glass. Or am I tripping and this cannot be done?


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