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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. Hey, Kevin is just hungry right? Nah I know you treat him like a puppy Joey. I believe change is good and renewal of stuff keeps it fresh. Keep em coming =)

  2. Joey, the Clown Trigger has to go too. I kept one for a while in my reef tank without problems; but one day he just started chomping corals. He didn’t stop either, so back to the LFS he went.

  3. Joey do you know what a horse shoe looks like lol those weren't horse shoe shapes bro the ying and yang were more appropriate I love you brother keep up the hard work and the amazing videos

  4. First 5 seconds solved my problem 2020 tank build problem. Thanks Joey!
    Although I sent Joey an email/dm, understanding likely not getting a response. But this was what a like about your videos. Those subtle hints that you give in your videos makes your video worth watching. Thank you Joey!!!



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