Complete DIY NANO planted aquarium!!!

Today I show you how to build a nano planted aquarium, Including the DIY aquarium lights and DIY aquarium filter!

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  1. Hi! I’m not new to having fish but I’m new to modifying tanks. I have a 10 gallon glass tank and am sick of having all the equipment showing and cords hanging over the edges. I don’t want to use lily pipes with a canister filter because they also are a pain to clean. I was hoping to be able to drill holes in the tank itself and hook up the canister tubing straight to it -similar to what you would see at tanks at a big box store. What parts would I need for a tank this small and is this even possible. Thank you!!!

  2. I know this is an older video but I am looking at doing. 75 gallon planted tank aquarium. Not looking to do anything extravagant but I am planning on making two corner foam filters like I have seen you build in the past. I plan to use plants that are in the low to medium light range requirement. I'm thinking of adding in some shrimp possibly a zebra and inspector pleco as well as some killifish and guppies. I am having some trouble deciding on lighting and substrate. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated…. Thanks

  3. Really? So cleaning out my sponge today was a bad idea? lol. I thought it was the little white media donuts in the bag that had the good stuff in it! DOH

  4. Hi +The king of DIY,

    I really like all your videos.
    Please make a short video on water hardness and how to handle them while setting up a new tank!
    I have really hard water in my taps and I am setting up a nano tank for my family and I am not sure how to deal with this stuff as I am overloaded with information. I plan to start off with some plants (need to research on what kind of plants I need to get) which are easy to maintain and once the environment is stable then I will plan on getting the fishes suitable for that environment.

  5. Where can I find those LEDs? Or something similar? I'm starting my first planted aquarium but I'm starting small so I need lighting for a 3 gallon tank. Any suggestions?

  6. Dude i love your videos I would love to have a nice tank like you built today yet acrylic in South Africa is so expensive so must be happy with my bad glass small tank XD

  7. Oh my gosh, thank you Joey! I was looking into getting 10-15 gallon tank for my two goldfish who are growing big and I was worried about the big expenses I was going to make due to the filters. But now with your video I'm not worried about emptying my wallet!
    Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥♥

  8. filtration,filtration, filtration…….I've watched so many filtration videos my head is spinning, I'm new to this and about to build my first aquarium(48×23×25)built into my wall dividing my living room from my kitchen and kinda stuck on which kind of filtration to build………I have no room below but plenty of room above but which filter do I build for my 1st reef tank…well first tank ever

  9. Hi! I am looking to built my first acrylic aquarium and I was wondering where do you get your acrylic sheets(I live in Canada)? Thank you! Keep the videos going!



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