Complete aquarium makeover!! HER FIRST AQUARIUM UPDATE

My daughters first aquarium gets a complete makeover!

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  1. Guys chill about the fish. I think fish don't form attachments to people like a dog or cat would. And I'm sure the fish and shrimp will be taken care of. Also sorry I'm very late.

  2. I love your channel but I don’t think you should allow her to change the tank that often
    I get the background but you shouldn’t allow her to get rid of the fish
    You need to teach her that she got the fish and it is her responsibility to keep the fish for its whole life

  3. Trial and error is one of the best ways to figure out what you want. It's an encouraging sign that she's thinking of new things for her setup. She'll be a pro, just like her dad in no time.

  4. Not trying to hate or anything but hayley seems really spoiled. She refused to help with it and also just got rid of her past fish. As a fish owner myself I'm waaay too attached to them and I would never replace them for the world. Maybe you should push for her to interact more with her pets so a relationship can be formed and she won't be so quick to get rid of them next time!



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