Coffee Table Aquarium

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This is a coffee table i designed and built. A unique aquarium you may want to try out!


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  1. Hey – is it possible to order one and get it delivered to the UK? I have had a look online and havent found one this cool. also wat is the size in metres W and L of the one in this video?

  2. i think, and i'm not in any way an expert or have any experiance at all really, but, i believe with the top of the table lifted from the tank it shouldnt bother the fish. just my thinking but i have no factual evidence….. nor do i know how to spell (errelevent) -_-'' sorry lol

  3. Since tapping on aquaria is forbidden due to the sound feeling louder through the water, I wonder if the residents of this would get a headache every time you set down a cup or a book. Are some sea creatures not bothered by noises? Like maybe really simple things like coral, anemones…?

  4. have you considered putting some jellyfish in there? the lighting at night could make them look very cool. im not sure if its possible, but thought id throw that out there.

  5. @uarujoey Thanks for quick response, are you going to be able to keep up with all the questions and comments when you have 10's of thousands of subscribers?? 175 CAD is about £120 which is very reasonable. Any idea on it's capacity? I'm guessing 45-50 US Gal but I'm probably way off the mark?

  6. This looks so good, all the coffee table aquariums in the UK are about £900 I would absolutely love one. Please make a vid of how to make one on a budget!!



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