Cheapest and easiest DIY aquarium stand

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A very quick and easy aquarium stand.
NOTE: If using this on an acrylic aquarium or a large glass aquarium, you will need a sheet of 3/4″ plywood for the top, as well as styrfofoam for the acrylic tank. Styrofoam will also be needed if the glass tank has no bottom trim.


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  1. I know you believe that aquariums don't need that support in the middle, but the directions on the tanks say that you do need that middle support. If the tank has any weak spot, the bottom could bust out and then your fish will die. It may work for some, but I like my fish and I don't want them to get killed.

  2. I’m getting a 30 gallon tank and want to use this idea. I am a little skeptical that the tank with all the water will break in the middle since there are no cinder blocks there. Is it really strong enough?



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