CHEAP aquarium lights – for fish tank racks

CHEAP aquarium lights - for fish tank racks

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  1. Those lights look like hygger brand. Personally I like Finnex as my budget LEDs but Hygger's air pump is running my 180 sponge filter way better and longer than my fluval

  2. Omg Joey, I've fallen behind on your videos,but your cheap amazon lights are the ones I use. I actually love them — they grow simple plants that survive in my SA Cichlid community. Totally worth it.

  3. Hello from Latvia.! I watch all your videos. I'm a huge fan.

    Speaking of these cheap lights. I use the same for my tanks. Two for my 55l tank and one for 26l tank. Use the built-in 24h daylight cycle and my plants and fishes are doing great.

    Kind regards.

  4. One place that will surprise you for plant lights. Is home depot. Got all my plant lights from there. I am running 2 12inch 19watt led on my heavy planted 65 gallon tank. Works great. My plants are huge and a i trim twice a month.

  5. Sudgestion you talk about how in beginning of your time in the hobby you enjoyed the breeding aspect. So what it you did the whole 40gb rack a breeding set different species different options in each type of deal. Also huge THANK YOU for all the videos you do truly an inspiration to many of us

  6. I have the same light and have used it for months. It is honestly amazing for the price. I've been talking with the seller who is out of both toronto and Vancouver. There are two guys involved.. I'm assuming brothers or soemthing. Great light tho. I'm super happy with mine and have had zero issues over the past few months

  7. Those amazon leds are not looking good. Think the shop light is putting out more par and even cheaper. Run a par meter on those things and find out if the output really is that low as it seems to be. Then maybe return to sender…

  8. How about a small school of CPD’s in one of the small tanks? I keep seeing that they are great fish on other channels and would love to get your thoughts on if they really are that much prettier than other types of fish.

  9. We have expanded so quickly with 13 tanks this year that we had to come up with a quick and cost effective lighting solution. I ended up using $6 Grow lights, a $3 timer, and a 6500k Led Flood bulb. I antiqued 2 for a 40g breeder on a minimalist metal stand, used black sand, and painted the back, bottom, and left side black. This produced a very clean look for a corner peice and gives full coverage. Love seeing all the info you share on various lighting ideas!

  10. I am wanting to save to get a 10 gallon tank and make it into a community tank but i am not sure what brands are the best to get on the filtration system also my aunt had a betta and gold fish in her tank and the betta ate the gold fish so i was wondering if you could tell me what kind of small fish get along well together

  11. If those lights are the nicrew planted plus lights (which I'm sure they are) you can grown plenty of lower tech plants in a 40 gallon. I'm currently growing ludwigia, anubias, buce, monte carlo and a bunch of different swords with no problems at all.

  12. It’s hard to compare the two on a bigger tank right after you turn off $600 worth of lights. Those 30 inch lights are really made for something like a 29 gallon tank. They do OK for low and medium light plants. If you want to do something more and you want something it’s gonna look goodEnV bright with some programming options the finnex 24/planted Lights are $77 for the 30 inch at Amazon and that would weigh way out do two of those generics. But I’ve used some of the aqua neat 30 inch on a 29 gallon tank with low and medium light plants and it does OK. But in that size I’ve researched a lot and the finnex 24/7 is definitely your best bang for the buck for a plant quality 30” light.


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