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The super charged version of this light:

Length: 16 feet
LED quantity: 300
Type: waterproof
Parts: +24Key Remote+12V Power Supply
Sold on Amazon and Ebay. A simple search will help you find it.

Another cheap and easy aquarium light:

stronger DIY led build:

Watch the aquariums in this video get built:

These are not a practical choice for a planted aquarium. They are no where near as strong as what would be needed. I mention their ideal use in the video and also mention they would not be useful on a planted tank or reef tank.

Each LED is not even 1 watt. they are closer to 0.10 watts.

A planted tank needs around 30 watts per square foot of tank.

EXAMPLE: So for an 4 foot long 55 gallon planted aquarium (4 square feet) we need 120 watts of LED lighing power.

Even if we buy the 60 LED/meter light strip, that would only be around 8 watts of power.

MEANING you will need to buy 15 of these strips to MAYBE match what a good LED light fixture can do. (15 strips = $345)

You are better off buying a proper planted tank LED light or building the more powerful LED system i have shown in a previous video.


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  1. Hi Joey. Is there a waterproof LED, like this, that can be used for plant growth within an aquarium? I need some better light and would rather not replace the hood.

  2. Too little light for a planted tank (with real plants, not the plastic stuff). They also tend to heat up if you have 20w/m led strips. Even 20mm alu profiles can't keep it cool enough. After two years, I had to replace every strip.

  3. I know this is a old thread but do the leds turn on & off with a timer or do I have to manually turn them on thanks and keep up the work been following you for some time now

  4. Love it! I just created this little project myself. I considered getting the reflective tape but didnt think it was worth it. I have 125 gallon tank and the led lights I purchased were more than enough to run down 70 inches twice so it is plenty bright!

  5. so could i just attache the strip of lights under the aquarium hood lid i already have ? the problem is that the led strip that came stuck under the hood is small and not enough so i want to upgrade… while keeping my aquarium covered because i have betta fish and they can jump

  6. I was interested in this type of setup but needed a thinner housing as the top is also used to build a turtle home. These are PVC so can they be bent a little thinner to take up less width? Trying to setup a 2" housing for these lights instead of the 4.5" they come in.



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