Cheap and Easy DIY Aquarium filter sump

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  1. So i have a question, as am all way over in the UK, we dont have 'plastic pot scubbies' readily availble, but we do have bath loofah's …. would this be acceptable??

  2. I absolutely will suggest the trickle filter over anything. I have one. Jus one green terror and he is dirty lol. I have four stages. 1 is filter floss. Then mat floss. 2 is the bio filter. 3 us my mechanical. Then 4 is my carbon. Absolutely the best way. I have canister filters and I hate them. Worse than mechanical filters. I have to shut pumps off and break it all down. The only time I have to shut them pumps off is to change floss. Other than that to mess with anything else. I don't have to shut them ooff just pull out tray after tray

  3. Can u tell me what kind of filter would be the best option to my 55g tank thats gonna house soft shells and crayfish and crabs… And some other fish. … It will help me a lot thanks

  4. I already have a 20 gallon glass fish tank can i use that for a sump? Will that sump size work to cycle the water for a 55 gallon tank? Plus what do sumps do for the fish tank's water?

  5. Que tal mi hermano tienes buenos videos e aprendido de ti mucho te pido por favor si tus videos los puedes hacer subtitulada gracias saludos desde lima Perú ………

  6. Hey can anyone tell me if i do this and use double pumps, one to take
    water into the tower from the tank and one to push it back to the tank,
    do the flow rates have to be changed to take the height the water pushes
    up into consideration?

  7. I have always wanted to say thank you about this trickle filter. I started using the overhead sump because of this video. very easy, very efficient, and chep. I use this on my 180gal along with your diy internal pvc canister filters. always good information. loving the soon to be fish gallery.



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